Wedding FAQ

What is our wedding guest capacity?

Couples can invite up to 400 guests for reception dinner.

Is there a minimum guest capacity?

There is not a minimum guest capacity, however we recommend 100 guests to 400 guests.

Can we host the ceremony on-site?

Yes, we have the capability to host the ceremony and reception in our space - our coordinators would love to explain how this process is smooth for all guests!

Is there a space for outside ceremony or patio space?

Yes, we do have a courtyard that is available at an additional cost.

Do you offer buffet or plated style for dinner?

We offer both plated service or buffet service depending on your preference.

Who handles clean-up?

We do! The client is only responsible for their belonging and decorations. Items must be out by 2am or otherwise negotiated.

Are table linens and napkin linens included in the rental?

Table linens are not included in the rental fee, however, we do provide white or black napkin linens.

Who sets up the table and chairs?

The District staff sets all tables and chairs up prior to your scheduled rental time, therefore when you arrive at the facility, the space ready for you to set up your decorations!

Does The District provide decorations or centerpieces?

Yes, we do have a list of items for rent!

Does The District have adjustable lighting?

Yes, our entire room has mood lighting capabilities.

Does The District supply the DJ?

No, The District is not responsible for the DJ, we do however, have a list a of preferred DJ's we can recommend to you!

Can we decorate to our imagination?

Yes, absolutely! A We encourage your vision to come to life at our facility. Although, our facility is naturally breathtaking, we do work with many vendors to customize your wedding as needed!

Do you allow chandeliers and other lights to be brought in?

Yes, we do allow out decorations to be brought in. We do recommend speaking with our coordinators to go over logistics of the hanging of them.

How late do we have the facility for?

In almost most cases, the venue available until 2am CST.

Are there hotels close by?

Yes, we have 2 hotels that are next door within walking distance, perfect for your guests to enjoy an onsite Venue/Hotel campus.

Can we set up a tour?

Yes, fill out the contact form under the "Wedding" tab of our website and one of our professional coordinators will contact you shortly!